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Feeling the Heat: ESPN’s Miami Heat Index Has Everything

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I’m a huge sports fanatic and find myself continually searching the Web for new, innovative sports sites that will provide me with breaking news and a new spin on sports.

Like we have been learning, most web users prefer web sites that allow them to get involved. I am no different.

That’s why one of my favorite examples of multimedia is ESPN’s Miami Heat Index.

I am huge NBA and Miami Heat fan and this multimedia page encompasses everything that one would want to see online.

The top of the page is the top stories going on currently and usually has an accompanying video. Under that are blog posts with interesting articles related to the team, whether its breaking news, features or editorial pieces.

Those blog posts also usually have a still image, graphic or video to help get the point across.

My favorite part of the Heat Index is all the videos that are offered of highlights and top plays.

Another feature of the blog is the option to share a specific article either through Facebook or Twitter, which I am a huge fan of.

Right under that is the tags, which when clicked bring you to the archive of all articles related to that person or event.

Additionally, all blog post give the option to E-mail, print and leave feedback through comments.

To complete this ultimate blog, there is a sidebar with “Heat Tweets,” which include all the Tweets of the players, analysts and any Tweet related to the team.

The Heat Index even gives you the option to listen to the team’s radio show and find tickets to Miami Heat games.

The Heat Index is a perfect example of multimedia. It literally contains every aspect of good online journalism that we have been learning about. With Tweets, feedback options, videos, still images, graphics, in-depth articles, external and internal links, the Heat Index has everything one can ask for.

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February 5, 2011 at 5:54 pm

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