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The Basketball Jones: Sports Blogging At Its Finest

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People who follow the NBA and everything that has to do with the association will thoroughly enjoy this basketball blog.

Basketball Jones is a Word Press style blog that features chronological blog posts regarding hot issues going around the NBA.

Every post is accompanied by a video that has to do with the information that is in each post. An example is a video that compiles all of Blake Griffin’s best dunks this season.

Basketball Jones has many multimedia aspects other than just videos. Above all the videos, there is an option to like the post via Facebook. At the end of each post, you have the option to share it by Facebook or Twitter. All posts also have the option for feedback with a comment section.

There are also links to other videos and sports blogs that aren’t just specific to the NBA. Surfers can also choose hockey, baseball and football.

At the bottom of the home page, you can follow the Basketball Jones on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

The best part of the Basketball Jones is all the interactive options. You can check out live blogs, participate in contests and do fantasy sports.

The only complaint I have about the blog is its style and appearance. The main logo for the page at the top isn’t the most attractive design and I feel it could have better colors. There is also too much gray space at the top.

Other than the appearance, the Basketball Jones is an excellent multimedia sports blog.

Here is the primary picture that I don’t like:




Written by allenucf

February 19, 2011 at 11:47 pm

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