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The Basketball Jones: Sports Blogging At Its Finest

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People who follow the NBA and everything that has to do with the association will thoroughly enjoy this basketball blog.

Basketball Jones is a Word Press style blog that features chronological blog posts regarding hot issues going around the NBA.

Every post is accompanied by a video that has to do with the information that is in each post. An example is a video that compiles all of Blake Griffin’s best dunks this season.

Basketball Jones has many multimedia aspects other than just videos. Above all the videos, there is an option to like the post via Facebook. At the end of each post, you have the option to share it by Facebook or Twitter. All posts also have the option for feedback with a comment section.

There are also links to other videos and sports blogs that aren’t just specific to the NBA. Surfers can also choose hockey, baseball and football.

At the bottom of the home page, you can follow the Basketball Jones on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

The best part of the Basketball Jones is all the interactive options. You can check out live blogs, participate in contests and do fantasy sports.

The only complaint I have about the blog is its style and appearance. The main logo for the page at the top isn’t the most attractive design and I feel it could have better colors. There is also too much gray space at the top.

Other than the appearance, the Basketball Jones is an excellent multimedia sports blog.

Here is the primary picture that I don’t like:





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February 19, 2011 at 11:47 pm

Mashable: A Great Social Media Guide

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Another great multimedia example is Mashable. Although I don’t really like the layout of the blog, I think it’s an excellent tool for Social Media.

Mashable focuses on social media, but has other aspects such as business, marketing and gadgets pages.

The site mainly consists of social media articles and tips that provide information about Facebook and Twitter, such as valuable resources you can utilize with the two.

It has plenty of multimedia tools, such as trending topics, feedback options and videos. There is also the option to Tweet, Stumble, and Facebook share all articles on the site. Mashable gives you the option follow it on Twitter and Facebook, as well as other social media topics to follow.

In addition, there are plenty of graphics and videos that are within the articles that will keep people intrigued.

My favorite thing I saw on Mashable was an infographic that showed users predictions about the Grammy Awards through mentions on social media sites.

Mashable is a great tool for people interested in social media and a great example of multimedia.

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February 13, 2011 at 4:31 pm

Feeling the Heat: ESPN’s Miami Heat Index Has Everything

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I’m a huge sports fanatic and find myself continually searching the Web for new, innovative sports sites that will provide me with breaking news and a new spin on sports.

Like we have been learning, most web users prefer web sites that allow them to get involved. I am no different.

That’s why one of my favorite examples of multimedia is ESPN’s Miami Heat Index.

I am huge NBA and Miami Heat fan and this multimedia page encompasses everything that one would want to see online.

The top of the page is the top stories going on currently and usually has an accompanying video. Under that are blog posts with interesting articles related to the team, whether its breaking news, features or editorial pieces.

Those blog posts also usually have a still image, graphic or video to help get the point across.

My favorite part of the Heat Index is all the videos that are offered of highlights and top plays.

Another feature of the blog is the option to share a specific article either through Facebook or Twitter, which I am a huge fan of.

Right under that is the tags, which when clicked bring you to the archive of all articles related to that person or event.

Additionally, all blog post give the option to E-mail, print and leave feedback through comments.

To complete this ultimate blog, there is a sidebar with “Heat Tweets,” which include all the Tweets of the players, analysts and any Tweet related to the team.

The Heat Index even gives you the option to listen to the team’s radio show and find tickets to Miami Heat games.

The Heat Index is a perfect example of multimedia. It literally contains every aspect of good online journalism that we have been learning about. With Tweets, feedback options, videos, still images, graphics, in-depth articles, external and internal links, the Heat Index has everything one can ask for.

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February 5, 2011 at 5:54 pm

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UCF Basketball Stars Marcus Jordan, A.J. Rompza Embody Team Chemistry

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  • UCF guards A.J. Rompza and Marcus Jordan grew up together, which established an initial connection.
  • A.J. influenced Marcus to come to UCF to build a legacy.
  • The duo’s on and off the court connection has made the team better and is noticeable to teammates.



It’s a word that you commonly hear in sports and something that is preached by coaches, players and analysts. For a sports team to build chemistry, they need to spend time together, grow together and be able to understand each other.

For UCF basketball teammates A.J. Rompza and Marcus Jordan, chemistry comes easier than most.

“We have known each other for so long, since eighth grade. How close we are off the court always leads to good things on the court. We know what each other is going to do on the court and we know each other’s comfort zones,” point guard and team captain, Rompza said.

And it’s that off the court connection that really sparks the way the duo plays on the court and ultimately helps the Knights basketball team be successful.

Growing Up Together

Rompza and Jordan, son of basketball legend Michael Jordan, grew up together in Chicago and have played on the same team since Jordan’s junior year in high school when he transferred to Whitney Young High in order to play with his close friend.

However, they met in the eighth grade through playing basketball for the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) and have been friends ever since. That friendship grew through high school and was maintained when Rompza left for Orlando to play for the Knights while Jordan was still at Whitney Young.

In Jordan’s senior year, he helped lead Whitney Young to the Illinois Division 4A state title, while Rompza was learning the college basketball system as freshman on a young Knights team.

When it was time for Marcus to choose his college destination, it was a much simpler choice than most would think considering his last name.

“Definitely a lot of my decision was based on AJ. UCF has brand new facilities and great fan support and also it’s a great university on the academic side as well, which all played a factor in my decision,” Jordan said.

“But Having A.J. here while coming into a new environment weighed heavy because I knew it would make my transition from Chicago to Orlando a lot more smooth.”

A.J. also knew it would be an easy decision to get his buddy down to UCF.

“I knew that once he came down here to visit, he’d (Marcus) fall in love with it.”

Creating a Legacy

It was the friendship that the backcourt duo established that really made it an easy decision for Marcus to move to Orlando and try to create a legacy with the UCF basketball program.

“Creating a legacy was definitely a goal of mine when being recruited. But that’s up to you guys to decide when it’s all said and done,” Jordan said.

Marcus and A.J. are now in their second year together at UCF and they have helped the program improve immensely. The Knights went undefeated in their non-conference play for the first time in school history, were nationally ranked for the first time in school history and at 14-6, they are only one win away from matching last year’s victory total.

A lot of that has to do with the starting backcourt combination of Rompza and Jordan. They know where to look for each other on the court and really benefit from being teammates in the past.

“Anytime that you are able to play with someone who you played with in high school it creates great chemistry. We know what each other is thinking on the court,” Rompza says adamantly.

Unselfish Play

Rompza and Jordan’s chemistry has translated into team success and a big reason for that is their selfless play. They’re not worried about statistics or individual accomplishments; they’re in it to win it and that means sharing and playing team ball.

As leaders of the team that are depended on to bring the team together, their unselfish play really has an affect on the rest of the roster.

“We share the ball and we don’t really care who scores. When the other guys see that, they know all we’re trying to do is win,” Rompza said.

And while neither guard cares much about whom scores, Jordan’s numbers have increased greatly since last year with Rompza knowing his best friends’ favorite spots on the floor and what will help him get into a groove.

Jordan has increased his scoring from eight points a game last year, to a team-leading 15.6 points per game this year. A lot of that improvement has been from the help of Rompza.

The Future is Bright

With Marcus only being a sophomore and Rompza a junior, there is still plenty of time for the combo to mature and develop, as well as time for the team to continue to get better.

UCF has been receiving more recognition than it ever has before and that will continue to build with players like Rompza and Jordan have an impact. The two are truly dedicated to improving and winning. They both strive to make UCF a better basketball program and with the talent that’s coming in next year, along with the development of the team’s two biggest leaders, the future is very bright.

“We’re just trying to get better everyday on and off the basketball court,” Jordan said.

With a new coach in place in Donnie Jones, the Knights have all the pieces starting to come together. And with talented players that have the right mindset such as Rompza and Jordan, the UCF basketball program is going to continue to rise.

The dynamic duo has already had so many great memories in just less than two years as teammates at UCF. Among their favorites is the team’s victory over the No. 18 ranked Florida Gators earlier this season, which is a sign of how good they can be.

While UCF has a talented team in place, the true growth starts with the chemistry that Jordan and Rompza embody. Their noticeable chemistry both off and on the court is undeniable and contagious. It’s rare that two best friends get an opportunity to play a sport together on a competitive college level, while maintaining a friendship off the court.

But, with A.J. Rompza and Marcus Jordan, chemistry is something they’ve had since the eighth grade.

“Playing with your best friend is truly special,” Rompza said.

Multimedia idea: Picture of Marcus and A.J. both on the court (passing the ball to each other) and off the court (hanging out). Also, a supplementary video of the two playing basketball together.

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February 1, 2011 at 11:46 pm

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Blog Post 2- Bleacher Report

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Check out this great user-generated multimedia sports publication.

Bleacher Report is unique because it gets its content from its users and has become one of the fastest growing sites on the net. With over 1,000,000 users that subscribe to the site, Bleacher Report is the fifth largest sports destination.

It truly distinguishes itself from other sports publications with a helpful editorial team and more than 700 Featured Columnists, which directs Bleacher Report’s unique data-driven approach to creating and programming content.

There are over 500 articles published daily as users can choose to write about whatever topic they like. Bleacher Report’s success has translated into partnerships with other top sports sites like CBS Sportsline and Fox Sports.

It’s great for people who like to write and read about sports, as they can hear a different voice than just a typical analyst. Sports fans really make this site work.

I have been writing for B/R for over two years and my articles have garnered over 120,000 reads.

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January 30, 2011 at 10:25 pm

My First Blog Post

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This is a great journalism blog by Doug Fisher, who is a journalism professor at the University of South Carolina.

It is a very interesting blog because it covers all the new occurences in media, including AP rules, social media outlets and links to other authors that have interesting pieces regarding journalism.

I think it is a very resourceful blog that can be very beneficial to up and coming journalists, which is why I like it.

The quote I found from it that I really liked is the following: “In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock.” – Thomas Jefferson

I would reccomend this blog to anyone looking for interesting posts on writing and editing.

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January 23, 2011 at 11:51 pm