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Mastering Multimedia: Helpful Tips About Moving into the Digital World

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The field of journalism has clearly transitioned into the digital age with most publications shifting their content to online forms.

For people who keep up with the convergence, as well as people who are trying to learn all the new innovations, here is a great blog on multimedia.

Mastering Multimedia is a WordPress blog that incorporates all the primary multimedia tools and provides helpful hints.

The most recent post is very interesting as it talks about the iPad 2 and its great tools for photojournalists.

All the posts on Mastering Multimedia are prime examples of multimedia. They are detailed examples of how to use certain multimedia tools, as well as new digital products.

There are accompanying external links, images and videos.

Other examples of multimedia on the blog is the recent comments section, the Twitter feed and blogroll on the right sidebar. The blogroll has great links to other helpful tools for journalists

Each post also has a comment section and tags that make it a perfect example of convergence.

I like the Mastering Multimedia blog because it offers a lot of interesting information, however, I wish it didn’t focus so much on photojournalism. I am more into the writing and reporting side, so I would have liked to see more examples of helpful computer editing programs.

All in all, Mastering Multimedia was a great example of multimedia, and it offered plenty of helpful hints on how to keep pace in the digital world.


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April 10, 2011 at 11:43 pm

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