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Brian Solis Social Media Blog: Convergence at its Finest

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If your new to the social networking world, Brian Solis’ blog is a great way to learn and retrieve information. Brian Solis’ social media blog. defining the convergence of media and influence, is a prime example of a multimedia blog. In Solis’ blog, he posts articles about new trends, new businesses and social media news.

His blog is a great place to learn about the up and coming trends in social media, as well as rules and information about the various social media sites.

An article I found very interesting was about the future of broadcasting, which can be found here.

Solis’ blog incorporates all the tools of multimedia. First off, all his posts have feedback and share options. At the top of each post, users can share the article via Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In. They can also leave a comment in order to share their opinions.

The blog also has an RSS feed at the top right corner, where surfers can subscribe. Also, much like our WordPress blogs, Solis’ blog has a recent comments section on the sidebar, as well as an archive and categories section. All the categories use SEO tags, such as “social media” and “new communications.”

Another multimedia feature is the Twitter feed that can be found on the sidebar. All the posts also have images and supplementary graphs to add appeal to the site.

With all the beneficial information that the blog contains about social media, as well as all the feedback and sharing options that it offers, Brian Solis’ blog is an excellent example of journalistic convergence and multimedia.


Written by allenucf

April 3, 2011 at 5:39 pm

Mashable: A Great Social Media Guide

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Another great multimedia example is Mashable. Although I don’t really like the layout of the blog, I think it’s an excellent tool for Social Media.

Mashable focuses on social media, but has other aspects such as business, marketing and gadgets pages.

The site mainly consists of social media articles and tips that provide information about Facebook and Twitter, such as valuable resources you can utilize with the two.

It has plenty of multimedia tools, such as trending topics, feedback options and videos. There is also the option to Tweet, Stumble, and Facebook share all articles on the site. Mashable gives you the option follow it on Twitter and Facebook, as well as other social media topics to follow.

In addition, there are plenty of graphics and videos that are within the articles that will keep people intrigued.

My favorite thing I saw on Mashable was an infographic that showed users predictions about the Grammy Awards through mentions on social media sites.

Mashable is a great tool for people interested in social media and a great example of multimedia.

Written by allenucf

February 13, 2011 at 4:31 pm