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HoopsHype: Great Multimedia Site for NBA Fans

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If you want the latest NBA rumors and hot topics around the league, check out this.

HoopsHype is an amazing place for NBA fans and an excellent example of multimedia journalism.

This basketball site encompasses all the primary tools of converged journalism.

Although there are tons of additional links, the main section of the site is the rumors section at the top of the homepage. Once you click there, everything is organized chronologically with specific tags, such as the team, player or division.

All the posts have external links that show where the news or rumor came from. At the bottom of each post, there is also the option to share what you just read with a Facebook and Twitter button, as well as a feedback because you can comment on the post.

In the right column of the page, there is a hot topics section with links to what is currently trending in the NBA. Right under that, there is the site’s NBA blogs, which includes content from writers, players and coaches.

The most intriguing part of the website to me is the Twitter Media link on the homepage.

The Twitter Media page includes all of the day’s Tweets about the NBA from professional basketball writers all over the Internet. It is a cool mix of opinions and facts that are funny and entertaining.

There is also additional links along the top of the homepage to other columns and articles, as well as informative things like free agents, salaries and player interviews.

The column page further demonstrates multimedia journalism. Once you click on a column link, it takes you to its RSS feed, where you have the option to subscribe to it. Much like a WordPress blog, there is an archive of previous posts and a categories section.

Also at the end of each column, there is a feedback option, where users can post their opinions through comments and share the article through the various social media sites.

With all the interactive options the site offers, HoopsHype is a great example of multimedia journalism and perfect site for people who love the NBA.

Although it incorporates all the tools of multimedia, HoopsHype really focuses on the social media aspect with an entire page dedication to Twitter and NBA Tweets, as well as the options to share on Facebook, Digg and StumbleUpon.


Written by allenucf

March 20, 2011 at 3:15 pm

Mashable: A Great Social Media Guide

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Another great multimedia example is Mashable. Although I don’t really like the layout of the blog, I think it’s an excellent tool for Social Media.

Mashable focuses on social media, but has other aspects such as business, marketing and gadgets pages.

The site mainly consists of social media articles and tips that provide information about Facebook and Twitter, such as valuable resources you can utilize with the two.

It has plenty of multimedia tools, such as trending topics, feedback options and videos. There is also the option to Tweet, Stumble, and Facebook share all articles on the site. Mashable gives you the option follow it on Twitter and Facebook, as well as other social media topics to follow.

In addition, there are plenty of graphics and videos that are within the articles that will keep people intrigued.

My favorite thing I saw on Mashable was an infographic that showed users predictions about the Grammy Awards through mentions on social media sites.

Mashable is a great tool for people interested in social media and a great example of multimedia.

Written by allenucf

February 13, 2011 at 4:31 pm